Economic Development for Rural Communities

The Rural Retail Loan program is designed to benefit rural communities that normally don’t have a broad range of opportunities for economic development.


Retail loans are limited to the following rural communities:

  • Downey (Bannock County)
  • Lava Hot Springs (Bannock County)
  • Aberdeen (Bingham County)
  • Arco (Butte County)
  • Challis (Custer County
  • Mackay (Custer County)
  • Stanley (Custer County)
  • Mud Lake/Terreton (Jefferson County)

The proposed business must be a benefit to the community. We will not fund one retail business that will directly cause another to fail.


There are no maximum investment amounts. Rates will never be less than Prime and are typically several points higher than Prime depending on risk. Terms are dependent on the use of funds but typically extend from three to seven years.